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Fifth Graders Connect Via Pen Pal Program

Three Student Penpals Outside thumbnail223297

The fifth graders from Deauville Gardens East and Deauville Gardens West elementary schools participated in the inaugural pen pal program. Social workers from both schools facilitated the program. Students who expressed interest in the program were matched up based on their hobbies and interests with students from the other building.

The students began corresponding with their pen pals in January with the hopes of meeting later in the school year. The majority of the fifth grade volunteered to be a part of the program and enjoyed exchanging letters and decorating their envelopes during recess time.

Students were excited to receive their letters and would frequently check to see if they had any letters from their pen pal. The pen pal program creates an opportunity for students to practice their writing skills and form positive connections with their peers. In addition, the program allowed for students to cultivate relationships with peers with the hopes of their friendships continuing in middle school.

On June 13, the pen pals from both schools joined together outside for an in-person meet and greet event.

Date Added: 7/11/2022