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Transportation & Registration

Entrance Procedures

Residents over the age of four years, nine months and under twenty-one years of age are entitled to attend Copiague Public Schools.

Children seeking admission to kindergarten must reach age five (5) on or before December 1 in order to be admitted to kindergarten the previous September.

Children seeking admission to the first grade must have successfully completed a full year of kindergarten and must have attained the age of six (6) years on or before December 1 of the school year in which they seek admission, with the following exception:

A child who does not qualify on the basis of chronological age, but who has successfully completed a full year of kindergarten, may be admitted to the first grade if, on the basis of the results of a comprehensive evaluation administered by district personnel, the child is found to possess the prerequisite readiness skills for entrance into the first grade.

During the spring of each year, a pre-kindergarten registration is conducted. Parents of pre-kindergarten students are requested to register their children. During the first few months of school, Pupil Personnel Services staff conduct a screening program for all students entering kindergarten.

All children must be immunized against diphtheria, measles, German measles (rubella), poliomyelitis, hepatitis B, mumps, and chicken pox. Prekindergarten must also be immunized against pneumococoal. Proof of inoculations must be furnished. The only exceptions according to law are a written religious exemption or, in the cases of measles and mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B and all poliovirus types 1, 2 and 3, a medically documented history of disease.


Registration Information



Phone: (631) 842-4015, ext. 529
Fax: (631) 841-4613 

Private/Parochial School Transportation

All requests for transportation to private and parochial schools must be made in writing on or before April 1st of the previous school year. Requests can be made online using this link to the Private/Parochial School Transportation Request Form.

You may also download the form here and submit it to Copiague Public Schools, c/o Transportation Office, 2650 Great Neck Road, Copiague, New York 11726.  Completed forms may also be faxed to 631-841-4613.

Childcare Transportation Requests

A new childcare transportation request form must be submitted each school year. Information is not carried over from year to year. Please contact the Transportation Office at (631) 842-4015 ext. 529 as soon as possible for a new application. Applications can also be downloaded by clicking the following links:

Childcare Transportation Request Form

Medical Transportation Requests

A new medical transportation request form must be submitted each school year. In some instances special transportation might be necessary for student transportation for medical reasons.  The attached form may be used to start the process. The request will be reviewed and you will be notified of determination.

Medical Transportation Request Form