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Susan E. Wiley Elementary School

Scudder Avenue
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4014
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Principal: Cynthia Florio
Assistant Principal: Janine Proulx


(Grades K-2) 9:30 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.
(Grades 3-5) 9:05 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Students: 797
Faculty: 63

Susan E. Wiley Elementary School's highly qualified teachers and support staff are dedicated to teaching students the skills necessary to think critically and act responsibly. The school houses approximately 795 kindergarten through fifth-grade students who participate in valuable educational experiences that revolve around developing peer relationships and enhancing the school community.

The mission of the staff at Susan E. Wiley is to create a nurturing environment that will foster in every student a love for learning that will enable them to develop the analytical and critical-thinking skills needed to succeed in society. At Susan E. Wiley students can take advantage of a variety of experiences including a STEM program, before- and after-school academic assistance programs, intramural sports, student clubs and organizations, and many other programs dedicated to helping students explore their potential.


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Current News

Students Prep for College and Career Choices

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Setting their students up for success in their future careers and beyond, the Copiague School District held a College and Career Day for all of their schools.

Students at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School had the opportunity to learn about college life firsthand when members of the Class of 2019 visited the school. The recent graduates spoke about their college experiences so far, including courses, dorm life and being away from home. The college students answered questions and provided an inside look into the first year of college for the soon-to-be graduates.

Throughout the elementary schools, students engaged in different activities related to their potential college and career choices. Younger students dressed up in their aspiring profession, with classrooms filled with doctor, nurses, teachers, firefighters, artists and even astronauts. 

The younger grades learned all about different colleges, vocational schools and occupations, while fourth and fifth graders researched different colleges and conducted virtual tours of the campuses on their laptops. Deauville Gardens East students used their math skills and knowledge of area and perimeter to design their own dorm rooms, while first graders at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School participated in career stations and explored what it was like to be a fashion designer, architect, chef and writer.  

SEW’s Sounds of the Season

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Susan E. Wiley’s fourth and fifth grade band is one of the winners of News12 Long Island’s Sounds of the Season contest. The band received a special visit and News12 filmed them playing two holiday songs. Students learned about how news stories are put together and had a moment to shine. You can see their performance on News12 on Christmas Eve.

Snowflakes Galore at Susan E. Wiley

Snowflakes Galore at Susan E. Wiley  thumbnail144175

Copiague School District’s monthly theme for December is community and the second graders at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School are working hard to donate back to their school community. The students in Mrs. Gaertner’s class and Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Smith’s class crafted hundreds of snowflake ornaments using popsicle sticks. The classes then donated the ornaments to the school’s Parent-Teacher Association for their holiday fair to give to students who may not be able to shop for their families. 

Mayflower Munchies at Susan E. Wiley

Mayflower Munchies at Susan E. Wiley photo thumbnail143488

After learning all about the first Thanksgiving and traditions that are still celebrated today, the first grade students in Rose Clark’s class and Teressa Brown’s class joined together for Mayflower munchies before the holiday break. Each of the snacks the students enjoyed together was representative of the first Thanksgiving. Soup crackers reminded students that the Pilgrims didn’t have a lot to eat, while the stick pretzels reminded them of the logs used to build their homes. Mini marshmallows were reminiscent of the snowy winters the Pilgrims had to endure, while the goldfish crackers represented how the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims to use fish as fertilizer. Fruity cereal reminded students of the fruits and berries the Pilgrims ate to survive in the new land. 

Who’s That Turkey?

Who’s That Turkey photo thumbnail143403

Santa Claus, the Grinch, Michael Jordan, a member of AC/DC? Third graders at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School showed off their creativity during a “turkey in disguise” lesson. Students crafted unique ways to disguise their turkeys from being the next meal at the Thanksgiving table. They worked on their creative writing, narrating and using adjectives to describe their disguised turkey.

Technology Messages Promote Safety and Security

Technology Messages Promote Safety and Security  thumbnail138740
Teachers and students at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School learned about the importance of cybersecurity and safety in October as part of the district’s monthly community theme. Director of Technology Kelly Urraro and fourth grade teacher Jennifer Rosario did a spotlight with staff about safety and security with technology. Ms. Rosario’s fourth graders learned about Stop, Connect, Download and the importance of keeping computers and passwords safe. Students challenged their knowledge with the CyberSmart training program and practiced detecting phishing emails and password management. To wrap up the activities for the month, students invited Ms. Urraro into the classroom to ask questions about the district’s policies and procedures.