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Deauville Gardens West Elementary School

100 Deauville Boulevard
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4012
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Principal: Kristina Biamonte

Assistant Principal: Jean Ann Crespo

Hours (Grades K-5): 9:30AM - 3:40PM
*Students may begin entering the school as early as 9:10AM
Students: 475



Kindergarten parents/guardians along with their children are invited to visit the building/classroom and drop off their child’s school supplies on Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 9:00-9:45AM. 


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Deauville Gardens West Elementary School serves approximately 450 students from kindergarten through grade five and provides a variety of experiences to support the social, emotional and academic well-being of students. The collaborative atmosphere, well-trained and highly qualified staff and student-centered philosophy foster an environment which truly benefits children.

In order to provide a meaningful and effective education, maximize student growth and meet the requirements of the Common Core Standards, a variety of programs and approaches are utilized. Guided Reading is the foundation of the Balanced Literacy program that is embraced in order to challenge each individual student at his or her appropriate level. Math is taught by allowing students to experiment with concepts and create their own understanding of material. In addition, a number of before-school programs and clubs present students with opportunities to explore new interests.

At Deauville Gardens West, we recognize that a strong partnership between the school and home is essential for a positive and productive educational experience. Staff members work closely with the PTA and families to provide enriching experiences for students both inside and outside of the classroom.


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Current News

Second Grade Scientists Study Matter

Second Grade Scientists Study Matter photo thumbnail161351

The second graders at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School are learning all about water cycles and the different states of matter this December. 

Students in Ms. Orlando’s class conducted a science experiment, filling a clear bag with water taped on the window. Each day, they observe the changes in the water line.

Students in Ms. Bennett’s class built structures using different blocks to represent the different particles that make up matter. Another group worked with mystery bags, using their senses to hypothesize what was in each bag. 

In Ms. McCormack’s class, students worked on their Chromebooks to study different stages of matter. They also created diagrams using dots to represent the way the atoms look in a solid, liquid and gas.

Students Prep for College and Career Choices

Students Prep for College and Career Choices photo thumbnail161221

Setting their students up for success in their future careers and beyond, the Copiague School District held a College and Career Day for all of their schools.

Students at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School had the opportunity to learn about college life firsthand when members of the Class of 2019 visited the school. The recent graduates spoke about their college experiences so far, including courses, dorm life and being away from home. The college students answered questions and provided an inside look into the first year of college for the soon-to-be graduates.

Throughout the elementary schools, students engaged in different activities related to their potential college and career choices. Younger students dressed up in their aspiring profession, with classrooms filled with doctor, nurses, teachers, firefighters, artists and even astronauts. 

The younger grades learned all about different colleges, vocational schools and occupations, while fourth and fifth graders researched different colleges and conducted virtual tours of the campuses on their laptops. Deauville Gardens East students used their math skills and knowledge of area and perimeter to design their own dorm rooms, while first graders at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School participated in career stations and explored what it was like to be a fashion designer, architect, chef and writer.  

Paper Playgrounds Show Off Simple Machines

play thumbnail161052
Fourth grade students at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School are fusing their literacy lessons with social-emotional learning and STEM-based activities. 

The classes began by reading “The Recess Queen,” a book that teaches positive behavior on the playground and acceptance. Since the book was about an experience on the playground, the teachers incorporated a hands-on STEM lesson to coincide with it. Students were tasked with designing their own playground out of paper and cardboard materials. The playground had to incorporate at least one simple machine, such as an inclined plane, wheel and axle or pulley. Working in small groups together, the students created their own see-saws, slides and swing sets using the paper materials.

Long Island Nets Reward Readers at Deauville Gardens West

Long Island Nets  thumbnail143807
Long Island Nets  thumbnail143808
Long Island Nets  thumbnail143809
Long Island Nets  thumbnail143810
Long Island Nets  thumbnail143811
In an effort to promote literacy across Long Island, the Long Island Nets representatives, along with their mascot Dale, visited with students at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School. 

As part of their Read to Achieve program, the Nets visit local school districts to help students get excited about reading. The assembly was coordinated by Wade Richardson, a Copiague graduate who was looking to give back to his school community. Richardson serves as the Nets community relations and game presentation coordinator. 

After a few tricks by Dale, the students listened to two books, “The Five Little Monkeys” and “The Brave Fish.” All students were given a bookmark to take home to track their reading. If they read three books in a month, they are given one free ticket to a Long Island Nets game.