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Deauville Gardens West Elementary School

100 Deauville Boulevard
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4012
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Principal: Kristina Biamonte

Assistant Principal: Diana Tonne

Hours (Grades K-5): 9:30AM - 3:40PM
*Students may begin entering the school as early as 9:10 AM
**Students who are walkers will be dismissed at 3:30 PM
Students: 475




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Deauville Gardens West Elementary School serves approximately 450 students from kindergarten through grade five and provides a variety of experiences to support the social, emotional and academic well-being of students. The collaborative atmosphere, well-trained and highly qualified staff and student-centered philosophy foster an environment which truly benefits children.

In order to provide a meaningful and effective education, maximize student growth and meet the requirements of the Common Core Standards, a variety of programs and approaches are utilized. Guided Reading is the foundation of the Balanced Literacy program that is embraced in order to challenge each individual student at his or her appropriate level. Math is taught by allowing students to experiment with concepts and create their own understanding of material. In addition, a number of before-school programs and clubs present students with opportunities to explore new interests.

At Deauville Gardens West, we recognize that a strong partnership between the school and home is essential for a positive and productive educational experience. Staff members work closely with the PTA and families to provide enriching experiences for students both inside and outside of the classroom.


Deauville Gardens West’s pumpkin launch event was on and News 12…Check us out:


Current News

Teapots Tell a Story

Two Students Holding Their Teapot Drawings thumbnail200028
Kindergarten students in Ms. Jacob’s class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School are studying nursery rhymes and their illustrations. The students recently read, “I’m a Little Teapot,” and spoke as a class about the different story elements. They learned how illustrations can show the emotions of a character. Each student created their own teapot and wrote words using the different letters they have learned to show the emotions of the teapot.

Healing a Wrinkled Heart

Students Stand In Front Of Bulletin Board Of Wrinkled Hearts thumbnail200020
Students Stand In Front Of Bulletin Board Of Wrinkled Hearts thumbnail200021
The kindergarten students in Ms. Nugget and Ms. Caputo’s class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School learned about kindness by reading “Chrysanthemum,” by Kevin Henkes. In the book, the children make fun of Chrysanthemum’s name. The kindergarten students each were given a paper heart, and each time Chrysanthemum was teased, they crumbled up the heart. At the end of the story, the students were asked to fix the crumpled heart and make it smooth and straight again. The class discussed how unkind words can wrinkle someone’s heart, and it’s not always easy to fix words or actions. Students were encouraged to think before they speak and use kind words.

Pumpkin Patch Grows Kindness

Students Stand In Front Of Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board thumbnail200027
In celebration of the fall season, the students in Ms. Cerrone’s class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School created a pumpkin patch filled with kindness in October. Students wrote sentences about each other and how each of them is kind.

Digital Citizens Stay Safe

Students Holding Their Computers thumbnail199855
October is Digital Citizenship month and the students at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School are learning how to be good citizens when it comes to their online activity. Throughout the month, there are announcements in the morning and afternoon with information on how to stay safe while working online. Lessons focus on asking permission, respect, cyberbullying and privacy. Teachers are also engaging in professional development throughout the month.

Smiling Fourth Graders

Fourth Graders Smiling Under Their Masks thumbnail199858
To celebrate World Smile Day on Oct. 1, students in Ms. Alpi’s fourth grade class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School wrote about different ways they made someone smile either in school or in their community.

Apples Galore

Students Holding Their Apple Tree Artwork thumbnail199853
Students Holding Their Apple Tree Artwork thumbnail199854
It’s all about apples this October for the kindergarten students at students in Ms. Nugget and Ms. Caputo’s kindergarten class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School. The students created their own apple trees by rolling a die and counting the numbers to add that many apples to the tree.

In Mrs. Jacob’s kindergarten class, the students learned about different types of apples and used their fine motor skills to create their favorite apple. They also studied the lifecycle of the apple and learned how to count to five with the apples.

Peace Banners

Students Holding Peace Banners thumbnail199857
In recognition of International Peace Day on Sept. 21, the fourth graders in Mr. Jaack’s class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School created Peace Day banners. After spelling the word peace, each letter of the student banners featured a writing element on what peace means to them.

Sprinkling Kindness

Students Holding Their Sprinkled Donut Artwork thumbnail199764
As part of the school’s kindness campaign and in conjunction with its “Start with Hello” week in September, students in Ms. Polito’s kindergarten class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School sprinkled their donuts with kindness. The class read, “The Jelly Donut Difference,” and reviewed the lessons sprinkled throughout the book. The kindergartners learned about different ways they could show kindness both in school and at home. They each colored their own sprinkled donut and wrote about ways to be kind.

West’s Words of Encouragement

Students holding up their uplifting messages and kind words thumbnail199583
As part of “Start With Hello” week, Deauville Gardens West students wrote notes of encouragement and gave compliments to each other. Students wrote kind, uplifting messages telling others why they are a good friend or what they like most about them.

New Assistant Principal Appointed at Deauville Gardens West

AP Ms. Tonne Headshot thumbnail199331
Diana Tonne has joined the Copiague School District as assistant principal of Deauville Gardens West Elementary. Ms. Tonne was appointed to this position on July 1.

Prior to joining the Copiague team, Ms. Tonne served as an assistant principal since 2017 at P.S. 316 Queens Explorer School. She also worked as an elementary and preschool teacher in New York area districts.

Ms. Tonne holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and a master’s degree from Sacred Heart University. She additionally holds school building leader and school district leader professional certificates.

“I am beyond excited to be part of the Copiague School District,” Ms. Tonne said. “I look forward to getting to form relationships with staff, students and families and share my passion for curriculum and data while engaging students and creating lifelong learners. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a district that collaborates and supports one another.”

Warm Welcome for Copiague’s Kindergartners

Young Student In Classroom thumbnail197380

Incoming kindergartners had the opportunity to get a first peek at their buildings, meet with their teachers and connect with their new classmates during orientations at Susan E. Wiley, Great Neck Road, Deauville Gardens East and Deauville Gardens West elementary schools in the Copiague School District on Aug. 26.

At each respective elementary school, students and their parents received a brief overview of the district’s curriculum, what to expect in kindergarten and the school’s policies and procedures. In an effort to alleviate some first day of school jitters, the students saw their classrooms, and toured the building to familiarize themselves with their new routines in September.

Bustling with Excitement for Start of the New School Year

Young Student giving two thumbs up thumbnail197294

Excitement filled the air as the Copiague School District students made their way into the buildings for the start of the 2021-2022 school year on Sept. 2. The district’s youngest students were accompanied off their buses and guided to their classrooms. Administrators were front and center at the buildings to welcome the students back. The sixth and ninth graders quickly got acquainted with their new buildings and schedules as well. Students reconnected with their classmates and built new friendships as well. As the day went on, students eased into their new schedules and routines and settled in for a productive year ahead.