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21-22 School Reopening

Copiague Eagle News




Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! The Copiague School District is very excited to welcome everyone back to school. I hope this announcement finds all our Copiague families safe and healthy. During these unprecedented and trying times the Copiague Community has rallied and supported each other as we try to find some renewed normalcy to our lives. The Copiague School District greatly appreciates the community’s support and patience as we work tirelessly to create a safe and sound plan for our students and staff. The Copiague School District’s reopening plan has been underway for weeks, and through the diligent work of our team and the commitment to our students, we have formulated a plan that will ensure the best possible education for our students. It is important for all students and their families to know what to expect on the first day of school, September 2, 2021, and how the latest COVID-19 guidelines will impact daily life in the Copiague School District.  On August 10, 2021 I sent a message to the entire school community outlining the opening of school guidance. In my message I shared that the Board of Education and I must rely on guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Suffolk County Department of Health to make decisions for our school community. 


Currently, based on the guidance from the CDC and Suffolk County Department of Health these are the protocols we will be following:


All students in grades K – 12 will attend school in person.


All students and staff will wear masks while indoors and on school buses.


Masks will not be required outdoors.


Students will be seated at least 3 feet apart in classrooms.


Maintaining three feet of social distancing, along with masks, in classrooms will mean that quarantining of students will not be required.

Each building will establish arrival and dismissal protocols that will keep students social distanced and safe. There will no longer be temperature screenings upon arrival for students.


When students are singing or playing a wind instrument, 6 feet of social distancing will be required.


Students who are eligible for transportation will be required to wear a mask on the bus; social distancing will not be required while taking the bus to and from school.


Seating charts will be kept for every location a student will occupy in the building to contact trace if necessary.


Students will be permitted to take mask breaks each period under the supervision of the teacher.


All students in grades 7-12 will be issued a grade level specific lanyard and ID holder. 12-blue, 11-red, 10-green, 9-orange; 8-blue, 7-red, 6-black.


Students will have access to their hallway lockers during specific times throughout the day to maintain social distancing protocols.  Locker protocols will be established at the building level and the building principals will notify parents of the precise schedule.


Students will not have access to gym lockers.  As a result, students will not be required to change for physical education classes this year.


Students that participate in sports programs will have access to the lockers under the supervision of the coach.


Windows and doors will remain open during the school year.  Students should dress appropriately.  Headgear that is not for religious or medical purposes will not be permitted in classrooms and during the change of classes.


Students with lunch periods will be eating in the cafeteria at assigned tables.  When students are not eating, they are required to wear a mask.  Students will remain socially distanced while in the cafeteria and will be seated facing in the same direction to ensure safety protocols. 


After school activities will take place in-person this year but may look slightly different than they have in the past.  Students will be required to follow social distancing protocols and wear masks. 


All visitors will have to make appointments and will follow the established health and safety protocols, inclusive of filling out a health survey and wearing a mask.


Adhering to these protocols will allow us to provide an environment for students and staff that is as safe as possible.  As always, we will continue to monitor all guidance forthcoming from the CDC and Departments of Health. We look forward to the opening of school so we can welcome all our students back.






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