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Copiague Middle School

2650 Great Neck Road
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4011
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Andrew Lagnado
Assistant Principals: Francis Salazar, Stephanie Valeiko

Hours: 8 a.m. to 2:41 p.m.
Students: 1,200

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It is the mission of Copiague Middle School faculty and staff to create an educational atmosphere in which each student is provided with the opportunity to realize their full potential as students, athletes, artists, musicians, and individuals through personal attention and encouragement. The curriculum in the middle school has been developed to challenge and stimulate the minds of students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, while remaining responsive to the needs of each student during the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Since its inception the team teaching approach has benefited students and faculty alike, providing additional outlets and experiences for each student. In addition, the nearly 1,200 students enrolled in Copiague Middle School are provided with a wealth of opportunities to develop as individuals by participating in student government, athletics, clubs, student organizations, class trips, community service, peer mentoring, and many schoolwide events.

By promoting each student's self-confidence, respect for others, and avoiding standardized solutions, the faculty and staff at Copiague Middle School have been successful at establishing an effective school community that is truly centered on the student.

Current News

Young Scientists Blossom at Middle School

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Copiague Middle School’s science program, under the direction of Dr. Daniel Leccese, is giving students the opportunity to learn using hands-on experiments to reinforce classroom lessons. 
Eighth grade earth science students are learning about the seasons, the planet’s revolution around the sun and its tilt. To better understand the change of seasons, students used a globe and a heat lamp to predict the season, the duration and intensity of light. Meanwhile, seventh grade student-scientists are learning about the human body systems. During a study of the nervous system, they conducted an experiment using a ruler. Working with a partner, the students predicted and tested their reaction times when the ruler was dropped to see how fast their nervous systems responded and if one hand was quicker than the other. 
Seventh and eighth grade students also conducted a velocity lab by using a stopwatch to record how fast their cars traveled down a ramp. They found the average time after three different trial runs. During another science class, eighth graders studied force using a friction board. The students used weights and a spring scale that was dragged along a smooth surface, sandpaper, rubber and cork to measure the different forces.

VIDEO: Home and Careers

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Sixth Graders See Optical Illusions Clearly

Sixth Graders See Optical Illusions Clearly photo thumbnail165430

Sixth graders at Copiague Middle School are learning all about optical illusions during their library links class. The students browsed through books featuring optical illusions and learned how to use their binocular vision to see the different visions. The students then created their own three-dimensional cutout of a dinosaur that created an optical illusion by folding it in the proper places.

Copiague Students Honored by Knights of Columbus

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Copiague School District’s students were recognized by members of the Knights of Columbus for their participation in the organization’s annual poster and essay contests at the Feb. 10 board of education meeting.

The poster contest, now in its 10th year, garnered 161 entries to tackle the issue of substance abuse. Students received a certificate and gift card sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. The district congratulates the following students for their winning entries:  

Susan E. Wiley Elementary School: Christie Arce, Shyla Brown and Alyson Vargas; Deauville Gardens East Elementary School: Brittany Carbajal Vargas, Juliana Heckman, Darlene Herrera and Eliana Rodriguez; Great Neck Road Elementary School: Kiana Fauntleroy, Leanny Soto and Maya Thompson; Copiague Middle School: Hadasa Argueta Botzoc, Shenn Barredo, Nina Bartoli, Eliud Bonilla, Yeritsa Caba Rodriguez, Cristhian Cruz Meraz, Merary Duran, Kiara Escofet Santiago, Cianna Parchment and Liliana Rosario Jimenez. 
This year’s essay contest focused on the importance of religious liberty to teach the students about tolerance. From the Copiague Middle School, this year’s Knights of Columbus essay contest winners were: Vincent Zito (first), Kemmora Simmons (second) and Kiara Escofet Santiago (third.)

Delivering Smiles to Seniors

Delivering Smiles to Seniors photo thumbnail162629

Spreading some love, joy and smiles this Valentine’s Day, members of the Builders Club at Copiague Middle School visited with locals at Tanner Park Senior Center. As part of a yearly tradition, now in its 17th year, the students spend the morning with the senior citizens. The Builders Club, the junior version of the Key Club, is run by adviser Maria Ostrofsky. 

Each senior citizen was hand-delivered a rose and a handmade card by a member of the Builder Club to help brighten their day. The students spent time getting to know the local members of the community. There was plenty of time to play games, chat and even hit the dance floor to learn some new moves.  

Showcasing Stellar Students

Showcasing Stellar Students photo thumbnail162467

Honoring the many accomplishments of its students both in and out of the class, Copiague School District’s administrators and Board of Education held a student recognition awards ceremony on Jan. 27.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon welcomed the students and their families and congratulated them for being chosen for recognition. “Publicly recognizing excellence is a way of celebrating some of the great successes of the Copiague School District’s programs and, at the same time, enabling us to showcase outstanding role models to our school community.”

After reading a short description of each students’ accomplishments, they were called to the podium to receive their plaque and congratulations from the board of education members. 

The following students were selected for recognition: Deauville Gardens East: Mert Ergal and Josue Mendez; Deauville Gardens West: Maxumis Aguilera, Danika Eldora and Keyon Elliot; Great Neck Road: Andy Andino, Melanie Robertson and Maya Thompson; Susan E. Wiley: Julia Nerkowski, Janiah Staley and Nataly Torrez Gutierrez; Copiague Middle School: Anahi Avila, Christopher Brito, Merary Duran, Richard Fagan Jr. and Elmely Lucas Tejada; and Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School: Jonah Breskin, Yanelith Douglas Armistead, Edgar Feal, Allison Reyes, Donna Rivera and Gabriela Marie Sanchez.