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Little Shop of Horrors

Students on stage for performance of Little Shop of Horrors Show thumbnail243744

Some scenes of our talented students in the high school production of "Little Shop of Horrors." There's still two more opportunities to see them perform on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.! Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the high school.

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Date Added: 3/17/2023

Community Gathers in Memory of Longtime Coach

People standing in front of a sign for the wrestling room thumbnail243597

Copiague School District honored the legacy of longtime wrestling coach and physical education teacher Anthony Cipriano during a dedication of the wrestling room named in his honor on March 10. Board of education members, administrators, family, friends, colleagues, student-athletes and community members gathered together to remember the late coach.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon and Copiague School District’s director of physical education and athletics William Bennett welcomed guests to the dedication ceremony and thanked both the Copiague community and the wrestling community for their support.

Wrestling coach and teacher Darwin Ryan addressed the audience and spoke about how the community has come together for one another during the past year. “The community has been so supportive and has opened their hearts and arms to us,” he said. “We all recognize that one man alone cannot replace Coach Cip. And we have all picked up the pieces and carried his legacy on.”

In addition to the sign in the wrestling room, signage also hangs outside in the hallway for anyone who walks past the doors. Coach Cipriano’s mother cut the official ribbon as guests entered the newly named wrestling room. In memory of Coach Cipriano, the Copiague Booster Club gifted a jacket in his memory and Susan E. Wiley Elementary School Principal Cynthia Florio unveiled a bench that will be placed outside the school in his honor.

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Date Added: 3/17/2023

Hands-On Trip in Native American Studies

Students sitting in the  Garvies Point Museum thumbnail242435
Students using a Native American woodworking tool thumbnail242436
Students holding fur and smiling thumbnail242437
Students holding fur and smiling thumbnail242438
Students using a Native American woodworking tool thumbnail242439
Students looking at pottery thumbnail242440
Students holding fur and smiling thumbnail242441
Students smiling at the camera thumbnail242442
After learning about Native Americans, fourth graders at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School recently took a field trip to Garvies Point Museum and Preserve. The students had explored the art of pottery and the making of pottery using traditional Native American methods. The students handled authentic Native American pottery sherds and worked with clay.

The tools and artifacts class showed how Native Americans made and used tools – such as stone working and woodworking tools – as a means of adapting their environment to meet their needs. Students handled authentic tools and other artifacts. In addition, they used replicated tools such as mortars and pestles to grind corn, fire drills for making fire and pump drills for drilling holes in stone.

Date Added: 3/15/2023

Copiague Students Honored for Artwork, Essays

Students and educators standing together and smiling at the Feb 13 BOE meeting thumbnail242429
The district’s students were recognized by members of the Knights of Columbus for their participation in the organization’s annual poster and essay contests at the Feb. 13 board of education meeting.

The poster contest, now in its 13th year, garnered more than 150 entries to tackle the issue of substance abuse. Students received a certificate and gift card sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Twenty students from Copiague were chosen as winners. The district congratulates the following students for their winning entries:Great Neck Road Elementary School: Jeremy Barrera, Devon Bennett, Ariana Desulme and Kimberly Morales; Deauville Gardens East Elementary School: Jameliah Cox, Mason Marner and Mantis Tucciarone; Copiague Middle School: Julia Abayev, Kennedy Dudley, Ashley Fernandez Abreu, K’pryce Hamilton, Veronica Karwowska, Zoey Khisova and Cindy Once; Deauville Gardens West Elementary School: Angelith Molina Martinez and Layla Tejada; and Susan E. Wiley Elementary School: Gabriella Agtuca, Yeleeni Manchame, Sophia Samuel and Barkley Seizeme.

This year’s annual essay contest focused on the concept of religious liberty. Each student winner received a gift card and council certificate. From the Copiague Middle School, this year’s Knights of Columbus essay contest winners were: Christie Arce (first), Allison Garcia Antunez (second) and Zyann Sam-Kabba (third).

Date Added: 3/8/2023

Deauville Gardens West Students Are 100 Days Smarter

Students dressed up as 100 year olds thumbnail242092
Students dressed up as 100 year olds thumbnail242093
Students dressed up as 100 year olds thumbnail242094
Students in front of artwork thumbnail242095
Students in a classroom holding artwork thumbnail242096
Students dressed up as 100 year olds thumbnail242097
Students wearing paper crowns and smiling thumbnail242098
The first graders at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as centenarians and engaging in different activities centered around the number 100 on Feb. 9. The students each created projects with 100 different things and wrote about what they would do when they are 100 years old.

Date Added: 3/1/2023