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Perfect Pumpkin Experiment

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Second graders in Diana Daniels and Jennifer Smith’s class at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School did an exciting science experiment involving a pumpkin, vinegar, baking soda and dish soap. They discovered what happened when all of those ingredients are mixed together inside a pumpkin. It caused a chemical reaction!

‘Record-Breaking’ Literacy Night at Wiley

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Susan E. Wiley Elementary School held a “record-breaking” literacy night on Oct. 2 for students in kindergarten through second grade. Themed after the “Guinness Book of World Records,” students and their parents rotated through different stations throughout the evening event.

Each station started with an information session for parents to learn more about what is happening in the school. In the gymnasium, students watched a short video about the Guinness Book of World Records hula-hopping record. Afterward, they each tried out hula-hooping while reciting the alphabet.
In the cafeteria, parents were informed about the new Community Eligibility Program, which offers free breakfast and lunch to every student in the district. The students and parents then discussed some different recipes to try at home.

Classroom stations included a lesson for parents on the Fundations Letters Keyword Sound Chart. The students then practiced reciting the chart while standing on one leg. Another classroom station featured magazines of interest to the younger grades, who had the opportunity to show off their reading skills to their parents. 

In the school’s library, now dubbed as a technology/media lab, students spent time working on hands-on STEM activities, including working to build the highest tower out of construction blocks. At the conclusion of the evening, each student-attendee received their own bag with books and activities to take home.

A Peaceful Celebration

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To commemorate International Peace Day on Sept. 20, Susan E. Wiley Elementary School signed a schoolwide banner to display in the hallway as a promise to be peaceful. Each class also celebrated peace day with different activities. For example, one fourth grade class wrote notes on Post-Its and displayed them in the shape of a peace sign outside their classroom. In the fifth grade, classes took their peaceful messages outside as they created chalk murals on the sidewalk outside the school featuring what peace means to them.

Staff Recognized for Dedicated Service

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During Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 3, the Copiague School District recognized 33 staff members for their dedicated years of service.
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Todd Andrews announced each staff member and called them up to the podium one by one to receive their service award. Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Bannon presented a token of appreciation for their service to the students of Copiague.

The district congratulates the following staff members for their years of service to the district:

20 years:
Joseph Agosta
Jacqueline Angier
Dr. Kathleen Bannon
Michele Batista
Stephen Cooney
Marina DiSclafani
Jeffrey Engelhardt
Cheryl Feldman
Andrew Finamore
Julie Frazzitta
Maureen Gaertner
Karen Greco
Paul Harvey
Andre Hosza
Deborah Hughes
Maribel Ramirez
John Sack
Clara Sansspree
Roseann Trotta
Susan Weisenseel
Kathleen Williams
Walter Wojcik

25 years:
Maria Barrera
Rose Clark
Laura Guire
Lisa Korsch
Matthew Miles
Mary Ellen Ruppert
Tara Wilson

30 years:
James Konen
Stephen Rebholz
Nancy Schneider

40 years:
Rose Marie Bell

School’s in Session

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Copiague School District ushered in the start of the 2019-2020 school year on Sept. 4. With their backpacks filled to the brim, students spent the first day getting acquainted with their new teachers, rooms and classmates. Sixth and ninth graders tried out their lockers and schedules as they navigated their new respective buildings. Check out some photos from opening day…