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Celebrating Success in the Sciences

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The eighth annual Science Research Symposium at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School on May 19 celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of the high school’s science students.

“Even through the pandemic, our program has not only grown and developed, but it has managed to thrive,” said high school science chairperson Renee Locker. “We have made advancements and achievements in every area – from competitions to robotics, to Science Olympiad and on. Copiague science research students consistently leave their mark.”

Joined by district administrators, board of education members, representatives from the Town of Babylon, members of the science department and invited guests, the students in the independent science research program, the advanced science research program and the introduction to science research program showed off their award-winning works.

“Despite the educational challenges that all students faced these past few years, our science research students did not let anything get in the way of their passion for science and their dedication to their research projects,” said Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School Principal Joseph Agosta. “Your research and the recognition you receive at competitive events speaks to the quality and timeliness of your projects. Your success also speaks to the support and guidance you receive from your mentors.”

Fourteen science research students presented a brief overview of their different projects, many of which have garnered notable awards throughout the school year. Projects were on display for a poster presentation walk following the ceremony, giving attendees an opportunity to speak with the students firsthand about their research.

The symposium’s keynote speaker was Dr. Allison Coffin, associate professor at Washington State University. A portion of the program was also dedicated to Copiague alumni, who spoke about how the science program impacted their life. Osazuwa Egahafona, Alexandra Saczawa and Leneshia Douglas all presented their perspectives to students.

Date Added: 6/10/2022