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High School Students Medal at L.I. Math Fair

Five medal-winning math students standing together  thumbnail217937

Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School students recently competed with students across Long Island in the 2022 Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair. Students wrote a research paper and prepared a virtual video presentation on various mathematically based themes. Congratulations to the following medal winners: ninth grader Angelie Acosta – Geometric Constructions Applied to Corporate Logos (bronze medal); ninth grader Dwight Evans Jr. – The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (bronze medal); ninth grader Glorianni Pena Feliz – The Mathematical Mystery of the Titanic (bronze medal); and ninth grader Maya Tyszko– Probability and Genetics (bronze medal). Honorable mention was awarded to ninth graders Kaydee Bonilla (Logic and Its Applications) and Raymond Flores (Mathematics and Computer Programming) (not pictured).

Date Added: 5/31/2022