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The Visual Arts



All students in Copiague grades 6-12 have the opportunity to further their artistic studies.  Students enrolled at the Middle School receive instruction every other day for half a year in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Studio Art is offered to qualifying 8th grade students every day and awards them the state credit needed for a Regents diploma.  Beyond the school day, the Middle School boasts a robust Art Club and Ceramics club, as well as lending their artistic skills to the sets of the Middle School Musical.  

At the High School, all students have an opportunity to challenge their artistic and creative skills.  Beyond Studio Art, the high school offers Media Arts, Studio Workshop (Crafts), Drawing and Painting I, Drawing and Painting II, Graphic Arts, Digital Photography, and Sculpture.  We are proud of our chapter of the National Art Honor Society available to qualifying students and an active Art Club.

At the Secondary level, the Visual Arts program is designed to cultivate the student’s observation skills, experiences and imagination while creating solutions through the elements and principles of design. Students are exposed to historical and contemporary styles from different cultures to broaden their foundation. It is our goal to enhance self-esteem, encourage pride in students, lead some to careers in the visual arts field, and to equip all students to become citizens of the art world throughout their lives.