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Great Neck Road Elementary School

Shared Decision Making (SDM)


The goal of the Shared Decision Making (SDM) process is to empower teams to develop creative methods of improving a school's programs, practices, and services to provide students with the best opportunities to attain the District Goals. The team is comprised of building administrators, teachers, parents, and support staff.

The 2019-2020 SDM team is committed to enhancing the Character Education program at the Great Neck Road Elementary School. Throughout the year, students will be exposed to a variety of character building activities. Each month, a new "pillar of character" will be introduced and studied.

Each month, students that are displaying the characteristics of the month's pillar are recognized by being selected for the Character Education Café. At the Café, students get to each lunch with teacher volunteers, receive a certificate to acknowledge their good character traits, get extra recess time, step to the head of the lunch line, and select a prize from the treasure chest.

2019-2020 SDM Members

Karla Cangelosi
Nicole Dunne
Danya Clair
Amanda Bosch
Jeanne Beth DeMott
Natalia Brite
Mary Beth Loeber
Cristina Ayala
Lori Markowski
Stacey Barrett
Rebecca Moosbrugger
Kaileen Spadaro
Melissa Maggio
Margaret Murphy
Alison Gangmella
Jamilah Lindo
Jackie Marinello
Adrienne Mahoney
Lissette Persico