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Hands-On with Sight Words

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Students in Mrs. Csorny’s second grade class at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School enjoyed practicing sight words in an engaging center utilizing Play-Doh. They had the chance to squish, squash and mold their letter shapes.

Middle Schoolers Connect with Sixth Graders

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During the first week of school, eighth grade students at Copiague Middle School participated in a meet and greet with incoming sixth grade students as part of Sandy Hook’s Start with Hello initiative. This program enables students to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun and impactful way by encouraging them to take small but powerful actions to promote connectedness and inclusion. 

Staff Recognized for Dedicated Service

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During Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 3, the Copiague School District recognized 33 staff members for their dedicated years of service.
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Todd Andrews announced each staff member and called them up to the podium one by one to receive their service award. Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Bannon presented a token of appreciation for their service to the students of Copiague.

The district congratulates the following staff members for their years of service to the district:

20 years:
Joseph Agosta
Jacqueline Angier
Dr. Kathleen Bannon
Michele Batista
Stephen Cooney
Marina DiSclafani
Jeffrey Engelhardt
Cheryl Feldman
Andrew Finamore
Julie Frazzitta
Maureen Gaertner
Karen Greco
Paul Harvey
Andre Hosza
Deborah Hughes
Maribel Ramirez
John Sack
Clara Sansspree
Roseann Trotta
Susan Weisenseel
Kathleen Williams
Walter Wojcik

25 years:
Maria Barrera
Rose Clark
Laura Guire
Lisa Korsch
Matthew Miles
Mary Ellen Ruppert
Tara Wilson

30 years:
James Konen
Stephen Rebholz
Nancy Schneider

40 years:
Rose Marie Bell

Conference Day Kicks Off New School Year

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To kick off the 2019-2020 school year, Copiague School District welcomed staff and faculty members during Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 3 at the Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School auditorium.

Faculty, staff, central office administration and board of education members joined together for a welcome back breakfast prior to the start of activities. Board of Education President Brian Sales welcomed the audience and thanked them for providing a clean, safe learning environment for the students of Copiague. 

“We have assembled a great team here in Copiague,” Sales said. “Stay focused and motivated; our students are counting on you. Keep the joy of learning alive for our students.”

The Copiague School community each brought a donated item for the food pantry to the conference day. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon thanked the staff and spoke about the Eagle’s Eye Food Pantry at the high school, run by the DECA Club and in partnership with Island Harvest. In its first year, the pantry was able to help feed 37 families in need. 

Dr. Bannon also spoke about the Community Eligibility Provision, which will provide free breakfast and lunch to all district students this school year. She introduced the workings of Every Student Succeeds Act and spoke about the Next Generation Learning Standards, which replace Common Core. The district is also working to improve school climate, and along with the appointment of Michael Ferretti as the director of school climate, they plan to continue and expand programs like Start with Hello and See Something, Say Something. 

After a presentation of the service awards for 20, 25, 30 and 40 years in the district, faculty returned to their respective buildings to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Incoming Freshman Tour Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School

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Incoming ninth graders to the Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School caught up with classmates and toured their new building during orientation day on Aug. 27.

Students gathered in the auditorium and were welcomed by Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School Principal Joseph Agosta during the open house. He spoke about some of the requirements to move to the next grade level each year and encouraged them to take advantage of the total high school experience. Agosta also introduced members of the administration team and class advisers. 

Afterward, the freshmen received their schedules and were given time to tour the building, find their lockers and reconnect with friends.