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Fourth Graders Focus on Black History Month Lessons

Students holding up their research projects. thumbnail255401
The fourth grade classes at Deauville Gardens East and Deauville Gardens West elementary schools have been conducting research on different African Americans in recognition of Black History Month in February.

At Deauville Gardens East, students spent time brainstorming what they already knew about Black History Month and then began researching different famous African Americans. Students were provided with different kid-safe search engines to conduct their research. They organized their thinking and then created a slideshow on Google Slides to present their findings. Students had guidelines to follow such as the person’s birthday, early life, important events, what they are famous for, pictures and any additional fun facts/information. They were then invited to come up to the front of the room to present their slideshows to their peers.

At Deauville Gardens West, the fourth graders were each assigned an influential person to research and create a biography banner. The banners showed a photo of the person as well as many of their interesting facts, quote, timeline, significant accomplishments and an “all about me” portion.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 3/1/2024