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Second Graders Get Creative with Coding

Deauville Gardens East Elementary School thumbnail259226

Second graders in Ms. Sudano’s class at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School are perfecting their coding skills. They recently learned how to use OzoBlockly, a block-based editor, to create programs for their Ozobots. Ozobots are robots that are designed as an introduction to coding where students use color combinations to move the Ozobot on a path from one location to another. Ms. Sudano’s class used a track with different paths and coded directions to maneuver their Ozobots to the end.

Using OzoBlockly, the students taught their Ozobots various movements, light and sound patterns and programmed them with notes to play songs. After students became comfortable with programming the Ozobots, they used their critical thinking skills to solve various challenges to get their Ozobots to the end of the path.

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Date Added: 6/12/2024