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Fourth Graders Unlock Math Escape Challenge

Fourth graders at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School doing math puzzles. thumbnail258714

Math was the key to unlocking a recent challenge at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School. Fourth graders in Ms. Cranmer, Ms. Spizuco and Ms. Zecha’s fourth grade classes were virtually “stuck” behind seven locked doors as part of a math lesson. Following their math assessments, students put their knowledge to the test and challenged themselves to unlock different math skill escape rooms. Students were stuck behind locked doors and had to successfully unlock escape rooms focusing on geometry, numbers in base 10, fractions, algebraic expressions, and measurement and data. Each door needed to be unlocked with a unique code that can only be discovered by solving the given clues. Students needed to work together using their math language and accountable talk with their partners to unlock each door.

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Date Added: 5/22/2024