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Student Accomplishments Honored

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A select number of students were honored for their hard work, dedication and overall academic performance prior to the Jan. 22 board of education meeting in the Copiague School District. The student recognition awards are held only twice per year, and the Copiague Board of Education selects students who have been chosen by administrators, teachers and staff in their respective buildings for their efforts.

The awards are presented to a small number of students for their extra special accomplishments. “Being honored is a very special award in and of itself,” said Copiague School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon. “Appearing in front of your parents, friends, community and the board of education is a distinction. Publicly recognizing excellence is our way of celebrating some of the great successes of the Copiague Schools’ programs and, at the same time, enabling us to showcase outstanding role models to our school community.”

Congratulations to the following students: Deauville Gardens East Elementary School – Zoe Espinal Castro and Elvis Sanchez Balbuena; Deauville Gardens West Elementary School – Caleb Johnson and Lael Carol Renee Quarles; Great Neck Road Elementary School – Grace Cisneros Santillana and Asma Lounici; Susan. E. Wiley Elementary School – Jealyn Guelee and Amber Joseph; Copiague Middle School – Marie Andkerla E. Pierre, Kyle Belgrave, Jace Carter, Kimberly Corvera Molina, Zoey Khisova, Christian McCue and Isabella Rufrano; and Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School – Rebecca Alara, Mohamad Altenbakji, Genesis Martinez Gomez, Shawn Smaldon, Victoria Wheby, Carlos Zelayandia Reyes and Tiffany Zincz.

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Date Added: 2/2/2024