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Hands-On Lesson in Natural Disasters

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Prior to the winter break, the students in Ms. Filiberto’s third grade class at Great Neck Road Elementary School learned about natural disasters. To close out their science unit, the students participated in hands-on models that relate to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Students created a hurricane in a bowl, using water and food dye. They observed the characteristics of a hurricane through the mini model in a clear bowl. They stirred the water to create a rotation motion and while the water was still rotating, they added drops of food coloring in the center. Students observed what happened to the food coloring and described the ways in which the model relates to a hurricane.

Next, they created their own “tornado in a bottle.” Students explored and investigated centripetal force as they observed a vortex form when a jar of glitter and water was shaken in a circular motion.

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Date Added: 1/9/2024