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Pumpkin Investigations

Three students looking at a pumpkin at their desk thumbnail228505

Combining their math and science skills, kindergarten students at Great Neck Road Elementary School learned all about pumpkins during different lessons held on Oct. 12.

In Ms. Garofola’s class, students explored different types of pumpkins and observed the different sizes, shapes and textures. They predicted the size of their pumpkins and then measured them with their classmates. To conclude the lesson, the students predicted whether their pumpkins would sink or float and then tested their theories.

In Ms. Harned’s class, the kindergarten students used their five senses to explore pumpkins. After cutting open a pumpkin, the students smelled and touched the inside. They observed what they saw on the outside of different types of pumpkins and then explored the insides of the pumpkins, identifying the pulp and seeds.

Date Added: 10/21/2022