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Staff Directory

Deauville Gardens West Elementary School


Assistant Principal

* Kindergarten

*Grade 1

*Grade 2

*Grade 3

*Grade 4

*Grade 5

(ext. 228)

(ext. 233)
(ext. 221)


Pupil Personnel Staff
(Speech and Language)
(Guidance Counselor)

(School Nurse (RN))
(Licensed Practitioner Nurse (LPN))

(K-5 Psychologist)
(Speech and Language)

(Psychologist 8:1:1 First Grade)
(Social Worker)

(8:30am - 4:00pm)

Social Worker
(Social Worker)

Special Area Teachers
(Math Staff Developer)
(Physical Education)

(General Music)
(Literacy Staff Developer)

(Resource Room)
(Physical Education)

(Physical Education)

(Band/Music (Shared w/DGE))

(Fundations Staff Dev.)


Special Education
(Fourth and Fifth Grade Self-Contained)
(First & Second Grade 8:1:1)

(K & First Grade 8:1:1)

Our Schools/Buildings

Copiague Middle School
Deauville Gardens East Elementary School
Deauville Gardens West Elementary School
Great Neck Road Elementary School
Susan E. Wiley Elementary School
Walter G. O'Connell Copiague High School