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Community Eligibility Program (CEP)





Frequently Asked Questions

What is CEP?
CEP allows ALL enrolled students to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost. CEP is a non-pricing meal service option available for schools in qualifying areas. 

Am I paying for this with my school tax dollars? 
Federal tax dollars collected from United States citizens across the country (including our community) are used to fund the CEP program locally and elsewhere. CEP is available for districts within economically disadvantaged areas, and the Copiague School District has applied and been selected to participate based on several factors, including common wealth ratio.

Do staff and teachers get to eat at no cost, too?
No – meals are available at no cost only to enrolled students at your school. Staff may purchase meals in the cafeteria.
Do families still need to fill out a “Free and Reduced Lunch Form?"
No. However, families will need to fill out a CUFSD Household Income form that can be found online. Families need to fill out the form electronically and they can access it through this link.
If students are all receiving free meals, why do families still need to fill out the application?
It is very important that families complete the CUFSD Household Income form EVERY year. As a district, we are eligible for additional funding by using data from qualifying CUFSD Household Income forms. Qualifying families that complete the form can also receive additional benefits – reduced or free fees, ACT/SAT testing fees, college application fees, etc.
Can students purchase additional meals, drinks and/or snacks? 
Yes. The first breakfast meal and first lunch meal of each school day are free for all students. Any additional items purchased à la carte would need to be paid for by the student/family.
What if students only want to purchase a single item, like a milk or an entrée?
CEP requires that only complete meals be served at no cost. We encourage students take a complete meal for breakfast and lunch as a healthier, no-cost option.

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