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The Visual Arts

Resources and Links


  • Field Trips Permission Slips
  • Local Competitions
  • National Art Honor Society Application


  • National Gallery of Art Ngakids Art Zone (Grades K-12) Many opportunities to create and interact with art here.  
  • Interactive Art at the Chicago Institute of Art (Grades K-3) This interactive site allows primary students to create their own mask online.
  • MrPicasso Head (Grades 2-12) Take on the challenge of cubism and create a portrait in the style of Picasso. 
  • Mondrimat (Grades 4-12) Create block art
  • Bomomo Interactive Art Creator (Grades 4-12) This site allows students to create abstract digital art easily and with great tools.  Completed images can be downloaded for student portfolios.
  • Mutapic (Grades 8-12) Students can be creating graphic art designs. 
  • Neave Imagination (Grades 6-12) Neave offers cool interactive art tools that not only utilize the computer mouse, but your voice, too.  With the use of a microphone, students can interact with the site just by speaking.  
  • Online Kaleidoscope animated Generator (Grades 2-12) A great tool if you are teaching symmetry is found here.  Simply draw on the virtual radar and see your animated kaleidoscope come to life. ««
  • Paper Critters (Grades 3-12) Be sure to click on the Toy Creator to get started.  Here you can create your own paper critter that can be printed and folded into a 3-D origami like papercraft.  
  • Photo Op Interactive (Grades 5-12) This site allows students to practice digital photography online, and apply filters to customize their virtual photos.  After a photo is taken, double click on it to open the filters. Images can be printed. 
  • Pointillism Practice Page (Grades 5-12) This interactive tool allows you to experiment with pointillism.  
  • Psykopaint (Grades 6-12) Now your students can take on the role of an Impressionist through the use of the digital photography painting tool.  
  • S C R I B B L E R (Grades 5-12) Scribble on the page, choose done drawing, and then start scribbling.  You can add to the drawing as the scribbling process continues making this a lot of fun for interactive white boards.
  • Virtual Lite-Brite (Grades K-12) Bring back those days of yesteryear and create your own virtual Lite-Brite mosaic.  A print screen will be required to save the image. 
  • Wordle  (Grades 3-12)
  • Yourstudio  (Grades K-12) Another virtual canvas, but here you can paint on wood or stone and use an ice cream cone as your brush.  
  • Zoopz  (Grades K-5) There are a couple of art tools available here including one that creates mosaics.  
  • Tessellation Tool   (Grades 3-7) Students can create their own tessellation artwork.  
  • The Graffiti Creator (Grades 9-12) This is a graffiti text paint tool where students can type in a name or phrase and create unique logos and images.  
  • This Is Sand (Grades 4-12) Here you can change the color of the falling sand in order to create interesting sand art.  
  • Tuxpi  (Grades 5-12) Great photo effects and projects can be created here with just a quick photo upload. 
  • Google Arts and Culture