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Walter G. O'Connell Copiague High School

Guidance & Counseling Department 


Sabrina Meehan
Director of Guidance K-12
842-4010 Ext. 420

Welcome to the Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School Guidance Department Web Page.

We are so very proud of our accomplishments and encourage you to visit our e-board where you will find updated information regarding college visits, on-site admissions opportunities, scholarship offerings, information regarding the NCAA and so much more. We update our  e-boards twice per month, so please visit frequently.

We offer evening hours every month so that our parents/guardians who have difficulty meeting during the day may visit us in the evening.  During our evening hours, we also make a special program available.  We will be conducting mailings every month to invite the community.

The guidance department has a vision for all Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School students.  The vision is for students to take rigorous, challenging course work during their four years.  Students are encouraged to obtain a regents diploma which is the most prestigious high school diploma available in the state of New York.  Last year 81% obtained a regents diploma.  We hope to exceed that number this year.

Our students have gone on to some of the most competitive post high school institutions and obtained professional positions in accounting, medicine, business and the sciences.

College planning of our Forte’!  It is never too early to start planning for the future.  We begin in the Freshman year conducting lessons and groups on study skills, organizational strategies and time management.  Our Sophomores begin the career search and interest inventory phase.  Exploration is encouraged!  The Junior year is gear up time!  11th graders are busy with PSAT’s, SAT’s and ACT’s.  College planning begins and challenging course work is essential.  The senior year is dedicated to college applications, scholarship applications, maintaining outstanding grades and receiving the coveted advanced regents diploma.

It is imperative to know your guidance counselor and seek guidance and advice frequently.

See you in the guidance office SOON!



Program review and planning
College information & application processing
Academic improvement materials
Career information


We have a state of the art college and career room which we encourage students to use before and after school, or during one of their free periods. Computers with web access are available as well as a wealth of materials including:

College catalogs & handbooks
Scholarship information
Academic improvement materials
Career information


Throughout the school year the Guidance Department conducts a wide variety of programs that are designed to help students and parents with issues that are related to the areas listed above. Among these programs are classroom visitations, as well as, an array of parent evening programs. A list of these programs are posted on the guidance eboard.


Students can make an appointment to speak with their school counselor during their lunch period or study hall. This will ensure that the counselor is available to meet with the student.

Each counselor offers evening hours from once a month. Check the Guidance eBoard website page for individual counselors’ dates. Parents and/or students may schedule an appointment in advance to meet with their counselor through the secretaries.

If a student cannot wait for an appointment, they should ask their teacher for a pass to see their counselor immediately.