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Walter G. O'Connell Copiague High School



Walter G. O'Connell High School offers many after-school activities for all of its students. Youngsters can choose from a broad selection of activities to enrich their educational experience. We encourage all of our students to seek out what they are most interested in and take advantage of the many opportunities we offer.


Advisor(s) for 2019-2020


Adopt a Highway Club

Jennifer Phillips and Joseph Mannix

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Room 226

Art Club                                   

Damin Gomes

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room B-34

Art Honor Society

Damin Gomes

Various Days/2:30 PM/Room B-34

Audio Visual Club

Matthew Loughren

Second Tuesday Every Month/2:30 PM/Room 322

Bringing Unity Through Youth (BUTY)

Kerri Hall

Alternating Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 320

Cheerleading – Junior Varsity

Alyssa Tracey

Various Days/2:30 PM/Hallway Outside of Auditorium (Near Art Wing)

Cheerleading – Varsity

Tracy Wenzler

Various Days/2:30 PM/For Practice as Needed/Games Depend on Football Schedule

Chess Club

Krystof Lipinski

Mondays/2:30 PM/Room B-38

Class Co-Advisors Freshman

Michael Olsen and Alyssa Tracey

As Needed/2:30 PM/Room 238

Class Co-Advisors Sophomore

Colleen Darge and Rachel Silber

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Class Co-Advisors Junior

Taylor Barbarino-Falk and

Aglaed Marcedo

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Class Co-Advisors Senior

Vanessa Soto and Natalie Aviles

One-Two Times per Month/2:30 PM/Room 302

Coding Club

Diana LaSpina

Tuesdays – Every Other Week/2:30 PM/Room 224

Copiague Courtyard Club

Marie Accettella

Mondays/2:30 PM/Courtyard

Copiague Futbol Club

Marie Accettella and Aglaed Marcedo

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 106

Conciencia Latina

Samuel Gonzalez and Yoleidys Swerdloff

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Distributive Education Club (DECA)

Louise Curci

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 224

Drama Club

Sylvia Walsh

Tuesdays/2:30 PM/Room 236

Ecology Club

Jules Goeke and Cassie Rissmany

Mondays/2:30 PM/Room 309

Global Ambassadors

Michelle Penyy and Allison Weller

Fridays/2:30 PM/Room 114

Guitar Club

Walter Wojcik

Tuesdays/2:30 PM/Room 214

Hip-Hop Club

Yvan Garcia

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 218

Humanities Club (SOUL)

Joseph Mannix

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 220

Junior Chamber of Commerce

Linda Aims and Alline Stanton

Listen for Announcements/2:30 PM/Room 230

Key Club

JoAnn Erwin and Erica Zepf

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Auditorium

Knitting and Crocheting

Marie Accettella and Aglaed Marcedo

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Room 106


Alison Stritzl and Susan Graber

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Room 104

Literary Magazine (Folio)

Anastasia Kourtis

Third Wednesday of the Month/2:30 PM/Room 209


Danielle Cioffi and Maria Stamatelatos

Listen for the Announcements

National Honor Society

Clare Nugent and Allison Weller

Second Thursday of the Month/2:30 PM/Room 114

One Mind Club

JoAnn Erwin and Geraldine Baldwin

Tuesdays/2:30 PM/Room 218

Public Relations Club

Kerri Hall and Matthew Loughren

First Tuesday of the Month/2:30 PM/Room 230

Quiz Bowl/Knowledge/Science Brain

Meredith Wanzer and Michelle Penyy

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Room 116 (208 for Games)

Robotics Club

John Young and Salvatore Cimino

Wednesdays/2:30 PM/Room 326

January – March Everyday

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Heather Clare

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Room 115

Science Olympiad

Jules Goeke and Tracy Wenzler

Every Other Monday/2:30 PM/Room 323

Shakespeare Club

Sylvia Walsh

Various Days Monday-Friday/2:30 PM/Room 236


Skateboarder’s Club

Damin Gomes and Joseph Mannix

Tuesdays Bi-monthly/2:30 PM/Room B-34

Spanish Club

Flor Hernandez

Listen for the Announcements


aDrena Mahoney

Tuesdays and Thursdays/2:30 PM/Auditorium

Student Council

Cheryl Feldman and Neil Schweitzer

Thursdays Bi-Monthly/2:30 PM/Room 233.

Trash For Cash Recycling Program

Christopher Coppelli and Joseph Brown

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Science Office (3rd Floor)

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Eric Dobmeier

Various Days/2:30 PM/Band Room

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Tree Huggerz

James Travis and Daniel Barresi

Thursdays/2:30 PM/Garden or Administrative Conference Room.

Summer:  Thursdays/10:00 AM/Garden.

Varsity Club

Christie Layden

Various Days/2:30 PM/Room 163A

Listen for Announcements

Weight Training Fitness Club

Stephen Rebholz (Fall), Kenneth Berry (Winter), Joseph Napolitano (Spring)

Listen for the Announcements


Lisa Miller

Thursday Alternating Weeks/2:30 PM/Library


Zumba Dance Club

Gabrielle Romanelli

Wednesdays and Fridays/2:30 PM/Auditorium or Cafeteria