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Mayflower Munchies at Susan E. Wiley

Mayflower Munchies at Susan E. Wiley photo thumbnail143488

After learning all about the first Thanksgiving and traditions that are still celebrated today, the first grade students in Rose Clark’s class and Teressa Brown’s class joined together for Mayflower munchies before the holiday break. Each of the snacks the students enjoyed together was representative of the first Thanksgiving. Soup crackers reminded students that the Pilgrims didn’t have a lot to eat, while the stick pretzels reminded them of the logs used to build their homes. Mini marshmallows were reminiscent of the snowy winters the Pilgrims had to endure, while the goldfish crackers represented how the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims to use fish as fertilizer. Fruity cereal reminded students of the fruits and berries the Pilgrims ate to survive in the new land.