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Wiley Students Get Energized

Wiley Students Get Energized Pic thumbnail83185

Susan E. Wiley Elementary School students learned about energy and effective practices to conserve it during a PSEG Long Island-sponsored assembly by the Energized Guyz on Oct. 25.

The program incorporated multiple characters and explored four main topics: defining energy, the uses of energy, how energy is wasted and ways to conserve it. Throughout the show, students were taught about various energy conservation methods and tactics to cut down energy waste around their homes by superhero Nikki Neutron. 

“It is important that we educate and help children and their families understand the importance of energy and how to use it safely and wisely,” said Dan Eichhorn, vice president, customer services, PSEG Long Island. “The Energized Guyz performance is an opportunity to engage students while teaching them that their energy choices can make a difference in the world and for their environment.”

In addition to live performances, the program includes print and digital student playbooks, teacher guides, e-books, and digital games and activities that align with the lessons. Following the presentations, teachers reinforced topics learned during the performance with classroom activities on energy.