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Copiague Welcomes 36 New Members to National Honor Society

Members of the National Honor Society holding candles thumbnail215585
Members of the National Honor Society holding candles

Thirty-six new members from Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School were inducted into the Isabella M. Driscoll Chapter of the National Honor Society during a ceremony held in the school’s auditorium on March 22. They were joined by administrators, board of education members, family members and friends to celebrate the occasion.

Guests were welcomed to the ceremony by National Honor Society co-advisers Clare Nugent and Maria Stamatelatos. To be inducted into the National Honor Society, students must exhibit the society’s four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and character. The four National Honor Society officers – Paris DeFreitas, Donte Hinton, Alice Sztabinski and Miles Reese – spoke about each of the pillars and their importance.

The evening’s guest speaker was Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School teacher Joseph Mannix. Each year, the National Honor Society members choose the guest speaker for the evening.“Be active participants in helping the local community, the nation’s community and also the world’s community,” he said. “Never has it been so important in human history for bright young individuals like yourselves to take an active role in helping humans in need. Get involved and be an integral part of many of the clubs here at the high school. You are the future leaders who will make a difference. Don’t be a spectator; be an engaged, active participant for positive change.”

The district congratulates the following students: 10th graders: Kamar Birthwright, Hadasa Argueta Botzoc, Diomedes Espinal Rodriguez, Andrew Falco, Alice Fartushynska, Aliyanna Fernandez, Justin Guardado Jacobo, Shannon Higgins, Jordana Jagnarine, Daniella Kroog, Adam Lacz, Astrid Martinez Maldonado, Roy Matheis, Julianna Milonas, Ashly Castellon Molinares, Emily Newman, Anuoluwa Ojeyemi, Joshua Osofsky, Annamaria Pepe, Giselle Peralta, Rosangel Peralta Plasencia, Shawn Smaldon, Theresa Soraire, Jocelyn Teel and Victoria Wheby; 11th graders: Solandra Chester, Sierra DaSilva, Francheska Guzman Gutierrez, Alexzander Laffita Sanchez, Krystal Maharaj, Marcel Mazurek, Martin Rybka, Venessa Seguino, Ariana Torres and Alexis Woods; 12th grader: Brianna Pugh

After all the new members were called, Walter G. O’ Connell Copiague High School Assistant Principal Jonathan Cutolo recited the Honor Society oath for all the members to repeat.

Date Added: 4/4/2022