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Copiague Celebrates Wellness with Online Resources

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Focusing on the home-to-school connection, Copiague School District presented an online Celebration of Wellness for both students and their families beginning on May 15. The resources and activities offered videos that ranged from learning a new skill to mindfulness practices and techniques.

For the elementary students and their families, videos centered around tapping in their energy, learning to relax through mindful minutes and yoga poses, and even learning a new skill, such as American Sign Language.

Copiague Middle School students had the opportunity to learn new ways to channel their energy. A technology lesson gave students some options for gaming, music and communication to escape and destress. Assistant Principal Stephanie Valeiko hosted a reading and crafting session to reduce anxiety. Exercise, also an important component to wellness and a stress reliever, was featured via a Zumba and step class.

Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School students learned mindful techniques that are helpful in managing stress both during high school and beyond. Lessons, such as journaling and breathing techniques, combined with movement exercises, such as Zumba and yoga, gave the high schoolers different sessions to boost their wellness and reduce anxiety and stress.