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Student-Scientists Showcase Skills

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The annual science fair at the Copiague Middle School showcased the many talents of the rising student-scientists at the school. This year, 27 seventh and eighth grade students’ projects were chosen for submission. Students enrolled in a science or science research class conducted experiments, either alone or with a partner, and explained and displayed their results on a poster board.

“I am very proud of the projects that the students presented,” said Copiague Middle School science chairperson Dr. Dan Leccese. “Their hard work and diligence is truly reflected in the projects and represents the best in quality and methodology among our top research students at the middle school.”

This year’s judges included Copiague School District Board of Education members, Copiague Chamber of Commerce members, Town of Babylon employees, Vanderbilt Museum representatives, Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School and Copiague Middle School science teachers, Copiague School District administrators, Copiague alumni and Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School science research students. Students presented their findings and spoke about their research as the judges walked the cafeteria.

Awards were presented on Jan. 3 to the participants. First place and a laptop was awarded to eighth grader Shawn Smaldon for his project “Which Method of Oil Spill Cleanup Is Best for the Environment?” Second place and $50 gift cards were presented to Rosangel Peralta Plasencia for “Don’t Clam Up” and Nolan Curto for “Smoking vs. Vaping” projects. Third place and $20 gift cards were presented to Joshua Osofsky for “Gliding Plan for Aircraft Safety;” Alyson Tenebro for “Fogged Up;” Chloe Allen-Jackson for “Which Salt Mets Ice the Fastest;” and Rhianna Coleman for “How Can You Control Bamboo.”