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Copiague Middle School

English as a New Language


Ms. Michelle Budion, Coordinator of English Language Learning




Mrs. Ashley Cuffaro, Mrs. Reagan Hertel, Mrs Sarah Rowan


Adult ESL Program
The adult E.S.L. Saturday program has been working very closely with our students for over seven years. This program provides parents with the opportunity to learn English and at the same time study to become U.S. citizens.No wonder this program has been so successful! A good example of one of these E.S.L. classes is Mr.Marcenaro's advanced adult class.This class had just completed a reading passage on Kenya.The students and the instructor read the text together and discussed it.As a follow up activity to the reading selection the students watched a movie about Kenya's history and culture.Following the movie,the students worked in cooperative learning groups and provided a brief oral report on what they had learned about Kenya.These parents are amazing!