‘Record-Breaking’ Literacy Night at Wiley

‘Record-Breaking’ Literacy Night at Wiley  thumbnail136000

Susan E. Wiley Elementary School held a “record-breaking” literacy night on Oct. 2 for students in kindergarten through second grade. Themed after the “Guinness Book of World Records,” students and their parents rotated through different stations throughout the evening event.

Each station started with an information session for parents to learn more about what is happening in the school. In the gymnasium, students watched a short video about the Guinness Book of World Records hula-hopping record. Afterward, they each tried out hula-hooping while reciting the alphabet.
In the cafeteria, parents were informed about the new Community Eligibility Program, which offers free breakfast and lunch to every student in the district. The students and parents then discussed some different recipes to try at home.

Classroom stations included a lesson for parents on the Fundations Letters Keyword Sound Chart. The students then practiced reciting the chart while standing on one leg. Another classroom station featured magazines of interest to the younger grades, who had the opportunity to show off their reading skills to their parents. 

In the school’s library, now dubbed as a technology/media lab, students spent time working on hands-on STEM activities, including working to build the highest tower out of construction blocks. At the conclusion of the evening, each student-attendee received their own bag with books and activities to take home.