Getting Artsy This Summer

Getting Artsy This Summer  thumbnail131475

During the summer months, students enrolled in Copiague School District’s elementary summer program have been getting creative during arts and crafts time. Incoming kindergarten students and kindergarten students practiced using primary colors to make a beautiful rainbow. During the second week, students made jellyfish using tissue paper, ribbon and googly eyes. During the third week, the class read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and students had fun making their own hungry caterpillars. They used paper plates, markers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and rhinestones to create their caterpillars.

Students in grades 1-3 used different materials to create fun and crafty projects. During the first week, students made flowers using sponge paint, paper plates and craft sticks. During the second week, students created tie dye butterflies by making beautiful patterns on coffee filters and spraying the filters with water. The colors blended together to create a tie dye effect. In week three, the students created rainbow character clouds, filled with positive, uplifting words that describe who they are. 

Fourth and fifth grade students have been learning about space, gravity and rocket ships this summer. During arts and crafts, they have been using their creativity to make their own unique solar systems filled with different planets, rocket ships, stars and aliens. Students used watercolor paint to create their planets and decorated the solar system using colored pencils, glitter and construction paper.