Great Neck Road ‘Doctors’ Nurse Teddy Bears Back to Health

Great Neck Road ‘Doctors’ Nurse Teddy Bears Back to Health photo thumbnail119552

In an effort to alleviate the fear of hospitals and doctors, kindergartners got hands-on as they played the role of caregivers during a teddy bear clinic on May 7.

Representatives from Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip visited with students at Great Neck Road Elementary School in the Copiague School District to teach them about seatbelt, helmet and bike safety and how to care for injuries by practicing on their own stuffed animals from home. 

The class learned about the importance of injury prevention and how to keep safe in the car. Using an egg, the students had a chance to see what could happen during sporting and other activities if they don’t wear a helmet.  

During the hands-on portion of the educational program, the kindergartners became the doctor as they took care of their stuffed animals. After they applied bandages to their wounds and aftercare instructions to their stuffed friends, the students nursed them back to health with plenty of hugs.