Middle Schoolers Have Math on their Minds

Middle Schoolers Have Math on their Minds photo

How do you get students excited and engaged during math lessons? Just ask Copiague Middle School because the excitement is palpable in each and every classroom.

Lessons incorporate hands-on learning, real-world scenarios, games and technology. For example, sixth-graders in Kirsten Ostrofsky’s class recently completed a statistics lesson – learning fractions, percentages and decimals – using Skittles. Seventh-graders in Cara Horigan’s class were learning unit rates and participated in a scavenger hunt around the classroom to test their knowledge. Students in Paul Kounadis’ class had to figure out exponents and bases using different colored dice. In Richard Radziewicz’s class, students were using scientific notation to calculate the approximate distant of different planets in the solar system.

In addition to these classroom lessons, Copiague Middle School students have the opportunity to get involved in after-school activities. Math researchers are preparing and practicing their presentations for the math research papers they have written and will present at an All-County competition in the beginning of March. The Math Club/Team is open to all students, where they can go to have fun with math while others practice for upcoming math team competitions.