Celebrating 100 Days with Hands-On Learning

Celebrating 100 Days with Hands-On Learning photo

Throughout the district, elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school with hands-on learning activities centered around the number 100.

Dressed as 100-year-olds, the kindergarten and first-grade students rotated through different centers at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School. They sorted snacks by groups of 100, made Fruit Loop necklaces using 100 pieces of the cereal, and read poems and stories about the 100th day of school. First-graders also rotated to different centers, completing 100 exercises, building a structure using 100 Legos and writing about what they would do with $100.

At Deauville Gardens East and Deauville Gardens West elementary schools, the students received 100th day certificates and drew pictures of what they would like at 100 years old. Great Neck Road kindergarten students also did 100 exercises, made quilts out of 10 boxes of 10 and ate snacks sorted into 100s.