Ugly Doll Drawings Come to Life

 Ugly Doll Drawings Come to Life photo

Forget the cute dolls you can’t wait to snuggle with in bed. Copiague students worked together to create Ugly Dollz.

Students in Christie Layden’s fourth period Studio Workshop class at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School and Jodi Embleton’s fourth-grade art club at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School collaborated on the cross-curriculum project. 

Ms. Embleton’s students drew their best version of a made up monster. When they were complete, they were sent to Mrs. Layden’s class to transform the drawings into real life dolls. Mrs. Layden’s students used the pictures and learned to sew and stuff the dolls. 

Prior to the holiday recess, the art club and high school students joined together for a breakfast to see the dolls. The students were excited to see their monsters come to life.