Wiley Students Show Their Love of Literacy

Wiley Students Show Their Love of Literacy photo

Dressed in their cozy pajamas, students in kindergarten through second grade at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School celebrated their love of books with a family literacy night on Oct. 3.

The students began the evening with a reader’s theater presentation of “The Three Little Pigs,” both the traditional version and fractured fairytale, for their parents. Following the performance, students worked with their families for a STEM-based design challenge. They were tasked with building the most creative or unique structure using no more than six marshmallows and no more than 13 toothpicks. 

Using teamwork, the families each had 10 minutes to complete the structure. Judges awarded raffle tickets and prizes to teams based on their creativity. At the end of the evening, students received a book bag to take home with fairy tale readers for their grade level. The families also visited the PTA book fair in the cafeteria.