Copiague Summer School Week 4:

Copiague Summer School Week 4 photo

While the elementary summer program at Great Neck Road concluded on August 2, middle and high school students are still hard at work for the next two weeks in preparation for the new school year. Here are some of the highlights form this week’s activities:

•  First-grade students observed four different spiders preserved in containers - a tarantula, a silk spider, a garden spider, and a black widow spider. They used a checklist to identify the body parts they observed. They then wrote and drew about their observations.
• Students in grade 3-5 participated in different STEM challenges. They also built and tested structures in a tsunami. 
• Middle school students worked in small group instruction during the summer months to help boost their academic skills for the upcoming school year.
• High school students prepared to take Regents exams in August by working on test taking skills. 
• Second-graders used their five senses to observe, describe, and record the characteristics of different vegetables.
• Second-graders planted bean seeds at the beginning of summer school and have been making sure that their plants are getting enough water and sunlight. They measure growth, discuss their observations with classmates, and write in their journals daily.
• Students engaged in cognitive dissonance experiments to determine if it was possible to create bubbles in a variety of shapes. They explored the ways that 3D tensile bubbles came together inside of “bubble frames,” designed their own shaped bubble wands, and used the word wall to label diagrams reflecting their predictions.