Summer School Roundup: Week 3

Summer School Roundup: Week 3 photo

Proving that learning and fun can go hand in hand, students in the elementary summer program at Great Neck Road Elementary School engaged many hands-on activities this week. Here’s an example of what they worked on during week 3:

Third-graders are studying weather. They have been collaborating with their classmates and performing experiments. The students learned about the water cycle, building and testing anemometers and discovering rain clouds using shaving cream and food coloring.  
Fifth-grade classes developed and constructed egg houses to test if an egg could survive a two-story drop. Students were given a variety of supplies to create their design. 
As part of their lessons on weather, third-graders learned about thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Students used a paper bag to mimic how the sound of thunder is created. When lightning strikes the ground, it creates a small gap in the air, which results in the sound of thunder. Students filled their bag with air, twisted it closed, then abruptly hit the bag to create the thunder sound. 
Students used blue ice cubes and warm red water to model how a thunder storm is formed. The warm water rose to the top and the cooler water sank to the bottom. 
Students swirled water in a clear container and dropped in food coloring to help them visualize the shape and rotation of a hurricane. They also created a tornado as a class and used sparkles to represent debris. 
Fourth-grade classes conducted an experiment on how far different paper airplanes will fly. Students constructed four different origami folds of airplanes and discussed how thrust is important in flight.  Students used the steps of the scientific method to successfully carry out this experiment.