Summer School Roundup: Week 2

Summer School Roundup: Week 2 photo

During the second week of the district’s elementary summer school program, there was plenty of engaging hands-on learning activities. Here’s a sampling of some happenings during the week of July 16:

Second-graders learned about plant lifecycles and dissected a lima bean seed. Each student dissected a bean and identified the embryo, cotyledon and seed coat. They recorded their observations and shared them with a partner.
Students put white carnations in colored water to see what would happen and if they could change color.
Students built anemometers using plastic cups and straws. They brought them outside to test them out and measure the speed of the wind. 
First-graders are studying spiders. They each picked a digraph for their spider hat and each leg had a word containing that digraph. 
Kindergarten classes are learning about water. The students went outside to test classroom objects to see if they float or sink in a pool of water.