Meet Franklin Parra

Meet Franklin Parra photo

Name: Franklin Parra

Age: 18

Hometown: Copiague, NY

Elementary School Attended: In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Write a Three-Word Scouting Report on Yourself: Great athleticism, competitor, student of the game

Favorite Current MLB Player: Luis Severino, New York Yankees

Favorite Sport to Play Other Than Baseball: Basketball

Favorite Sport to Watch Other Than Baseball: NBA basketball

Favorite All-Time Professional Athlete: Pedro Martinez

My Favorite Copiague Baseball Memory: My favorite baseball memory from Copiague is when I got my first win of my senior year. It was exciting pitching in front of big league scouts. It was great that my teammates were able to finish the game and preserve the win for me after I came out of the game.

My Role Model/Inspiration: Definitely my Dad. He is a hard working man who always made baseball possible for me. Even though he worked many hours, he would always make sure that I was able to play and to get where I needed to go.

What Will You Miss the Most About Copiague: My coach, Coach Bennett, and the relationship we had. My teammates and some of my teachers, especially Ms. Alyssa Marino, who helped me so much through school with my academics and offering caring guidance and support along the way.

In Five Years, I Will Be: Hopefully standing on the mound pitching at Citi Field for the New York Mets in front of thousands, but most importantly in front of my family and Coach Bennett.