Science Symposium Shows Off STEM Skills

Science Symposium Shows Off STEM Skills photo

The fourth annual Science Research Symposium at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School on May 17 celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of the high school’s science students.

Joined by district administrators, board of education members, representatives from the Town of Babylon, members of the science department and invited guests, the students in the independent science research program, the advanced science research program and the introduction to science research program showed off their award-winning works. 

“These powerhouses have worked tirelessly – after school, before school and on weekends – to present their best work,” said science teacher Tracy Wenzler. “The teachers and the mentors have lent their time – their most valuable resource – to these students and they have worked tirelessly to present their hard work. They are helping to bring our science program to new heights each year.”

Fourteen science research students presented a brief overview of eight different projects, many of which have garnered notable awards throughout the school year. Projects were on display for a poster presentation walk following the ceremony, giving attendees an opportunity to speak with the students firsthand about their research.

Zachary Wilson, a Copiague alumnus and one of the first students to participate in the science research, was the keynote speaker. He presented his senior thesis to the audience.

Each student in the program was presented a certificate by science Chairperson Renee Locker in recognition of his or her accomplishments this school year. “I am very humbled at the success and dedication of our students,” Locker said. “I am very happy with all of the new partnerships we have made and the fact that we are producing some of the top STEM students here in Copiague.”