Flat Stanley Tours Great Neck Road

Flat Stanley Tours Great Neck Road photo

Kindergarten students in Caren Steiger’s class at Great Neck Road Elementary had the chance to show off all their favorite parts of their elementary school on May 1. Flat Stanley, who arrived recently from a school in Moravia, New York, was given a guided tour of the building by the kindergartners.

After connecting with the school in upstate New York, the Great Neck Road students sent their Flat Stanley to their partner school and received the other school’s Flat Stanley in return. Flat Stanley, who is the title character in a series of books, met and toured the principal’s office, cafeteria, and nurse’s office and even had the chance to have some fun on the playground. In the upcoming weeks, the class will have a video conference with the partner school and explore the similarities and differences between the schools and communities.