Up Close and Personal Lessons from ‘Science Guy’

Up Close and Personal Lessons from ‘Science Guy’  Pic

Brian Wallrapp, aka the “Science Guy” spent the week of Jan. 29 at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School teaching hands-on engaging science lessons.

Wallrapp worked with each class during one-hour science workshops. Students experienced hands-on activities designed to bring classroom lessons to life. Some of the workshops included “Matterman,” “A Taste of Science,” “Electromagnets” and “Exoskeleton Creatures.” During the exoskeleton lesson, students were up close and personal with Madagascar hissing cockroaches, millipedes and even a tarantula named Charlotte. 

As part of a Parent-Teacher Association-sponsored program, parents and PTA members attended their own workshop with Wallrapp for a firsthand experience of the lessons the students participated in during the week.