Kindergarten Doctors Help Nurse Stuffed Animals

Kindergarten Doctors Help Nurse Stuffed Animals photo

Kindergarten students at Great Neck Road Elementary School played doctor to their stuffed animals thanks to the Teddy Bear Clinic sponsored by the Trauma Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital on Nov. 28.

The hands-on program helps to ease the fear of doctors and hospitals and also teaches the students about injury prevention. Stony Brook Children’s Hospital representative Erin Zazzara first spoke to the classes about different safety tips, such as wearing a helmet during sporting activities, keeping safe in the car and always wearing a seatbelt.

The students – who were dressed in their scrubs and equipped with their masks – then performed proper medical treatments on a “sick” stuffed animal or doll they had brought in from home. 

After visiting the waiting room, they worked to diagnose their stuffed companions; first checking their weight and temperature before applying bandages and dispensing proper medicines based on their conditions. The students each performed different job functions, such as doctor, nurse, receptionist or pharmacist, throughout the workshop.