Twenty-Eight Inductees Welcomed into National Honor Society

Twenty-Eight Inductees Welcomed into National Honor Society Photo

Twenty-eight new members of the Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School’s Isabella Driscoll Chapter of the National Honor Society were inducted in a ceremony held in the school’s auditorium on June 1.

Members of the National Honor Society each held candles as they entered the ceremony. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon offered welcoming remarks to the board of education members, administrators, family, friends and community members in attendance and congratulated the new inductees for their hard work, community involvement and academic excellence in achieving membership into the National Honor Society.

After National Honor Society advisers Allison Weller and Clare Nugent lit the first candle of knowledge, National Honor Society officers each explained the four main pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and character before lighting their respective candles. 

National Honor Society members chose social studies chairperson Michelle Penyy as guest speaker for the ceremony. Ms. Penyy spoke about her many travel experiences and lessons she had learned along the way with each new trip. “As National Honor Society members, you are all stewards of our past and your knowledge and appreciation of it will guarantee all of us a better future. Each of you has taught me and your fellow students how to be more confident, flexible, humble, appreciative and kind,” Ms. Penyy said. “The fact that you are being recognized for your service, scholarship, character and leadership demonstrates that you possess the very characteristics needed to be global citizens. Think of your membership into the National Honor Society as your passport.”

Principal Joseph Agosta offered words of encouragement before reading the oath for new members. The district congratulates the following inductees: senior Ona Kean; juniors Ashley Collado, Brittany Faustin, Ayana Fields, Sierra Lenee Gaul, Isabella Gilbert, Jordy Hernandez-Rivera, Kyria Moore, Rianna Rivera and Davina Smith; sophomores Jackson Bright, Aleksandra Bugajczyk, Ajhani Carroll, Mercy Gomez Herrera, Jeanine Guelee, Melinda Harris, James Holland, Emily Korba, Faith McCombs, Lacy McIntyre, Gabriela Ordonez, Jimmy Padilla-Ortez, Kriyal Patel, Kembalee Rolle, Abigail Romero, Owen Rosenberg, Samantha Sattler and Deana Simon.