Math Mania Tests Speed and Accuracy

Math Mania Tests Speed and Accuracy Photo

Students at Great Neck Road Elementary School have been busy working on honing their math skills throughout the school year in preparation for the Math Mania event on May 26.

Students came to school dressed in shirts with numbers to show their support for the Math Mania event. Each grade gathered in the library for their online mathematical quiz. Fifth-grade members of the TechTeam club helped assist students in their online setup while Great Neck Road Elementary School technology coach Jeanie Mullins read the rules of the competition.

Students in grades K-5 have been practicing basic math facts throughout the month to commit them to memory. During the first round of Math Mania, students competed to be named one of the top three in their class. Using their tablets, students had to answer 10 questions accurately and quickly. The top three students from each class then went against the other classes from their grade level to be named champions of the competition.