Recycling Initiative Helps Spark Change

Recycling Initiative Helps Spark Change Photo
The student council members at Deauville Gardens West are doing their share this Earth Day by launching a project to bring clean drinking water to villages in the Western Province of South Africa.

The student council presented their Carbon for Water initiative to their classmates in grades 3-5 during an assembly on April 17. Under the supervision of student council supervisor Christine Orlando, the group will be recycling plastic bottles in the cafeteria for the remainder of the school year. They will use the money they raise to purchase a large carbon filter from LifeStraw for a school in Africa.

The students spoke about the need for cleaning drinking water in Africa and how helping these villages will allow students to go to school instead of working to gather wood and water everyday. “Our goal is to help every child in the world receive an education, no matter where they are from,” the students told the audience.