Two-rrific Teamwork

Working in pairs, students in Megan Moore and Kate Castellano’s fourth-grade class at Deauville Gardens West Elementary School taught first-graders in Samantha O’Neill and Brianna O’Connor’s class how to create, compare and contrast double bubble maps on ThinkPad Chromebooks.

Prior to the lesson, fourth-graders worked with their teachers to create double bubble maps of their own. During the process, they developed their skills using the computer program and learned to create short cuts using copy and paste.

With their new knowledge, the fourth-graders paired up with a first-grader to help guide him or her through the process of making a double bubble map. Together, they completed a compare and contrast worksheet with information about themselves. The first-graders learned how to change the size of the circles, add lines and create a textbox.

Once the assignments are complete, students will present their finished bubble map to their peers.

“We showed the fourth-graders how to create the double bubble map first, which motivated them because they knew they would eventually be teaching it to someone else,” said Moore. “It also helped them to organize their thoughts to be able to teach the younger kids.”