Painting Like Pollock

A select group of 35 Susan E. Wiley Elementary School students participated in an arts-in-education program that allowed them to explore art through visual examples and a hands-on project, led by children’s art book author and painter Joyce Raimondo.

Sponsored by a Pollock–Krasner House grant, the program began with a slideshow presentation of famous masterpieces. Raimondo encouraged the students to share their thoughts about the different artwork and the types of emotions the piece provoked. Among many other famous artists they discussed, the students learned about Jackson Pollock, an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. Known as an “action painter,” the young artists tried their hand at his notorious spatter and drip paint technique.

Using popsicle sticks, they selected from a tray of paint colors to spatter and drip on their paper. They continued this process until their paintings were complete.